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At Rain Salon & spa, we strive to meet the individual needs of each of our guests when it comes to their skin care. We are here to guide our guest through addressing skin concerns ; Example  Acne, aging, dark spots, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles with at home products and specialty skin care services. Our award winning spa facials just got even better with the introduction of our new Hydrafacial service. While our spa facials are as relaxing as they are great for your skin, it can take an extended amount of time to see the results you are striving for. The Hydrafacial offers instant results for those looking for youthful, hydrated skin quickly. Unlike microdermabrasion, which can cause irritation, flakiness and redness, Hydrafacial provides deep exfoliation and hydration simultaneously with hydradermabrasion.


The Hydrafacial is a medical grade service that offers instantly visible results with no down time, no irritation, and virtually painless extractions!  The patented vortex technology and hydrapeel tips offer thorough exfoliation, chemical peel (with no flaking or redness), and extractions that literally suck the impurities right out of the pores with no pinching or pain, all this can be done in less than an hour! They’re also completely customizable, from upgrading the strength of the GlySal peel for more oil rich skin, adding on lymphatic drainage for problem skin, DermaBuilder for those looking to improve the signs of aging, to LED light therapy which helps reduce inflammation, relax facial muscles, and reduce surface bacteria that can cause breakouts.


The GlySal peel is a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids that help to further soften surface skin, and prepare blemishes and blackheads for extraction. The painless Vortex extractions are made possible by the patented hydrapeel tips and fluid vortex that have made the Hydrafacial such an effective treatment. It literally lifts impurities out of the skin with deep cleansing using the BetaHD fluid.  Also available are customizable boosted add ons for eyes, lips and face.


The Hydrafacial service is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive skin and Rosacea. Over time it will actually improve and lessen the symptoms of Rosacea with its gentle exfoliation and thorough hydration. Guests who experience oily or acne prone skin will find these facials especially beneficial in regulating oil production, and removing impurities. The overall appearance of all skin types will improve with regular services. At Rain we recommend a series of five treatments to start off with. The first two treatments should be two weeks apart and once a month there after. You’ll see visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, sensitivity, and blackheads, and a serious boost in hydration after the very first treatment!

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