Please read our terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy before proceeding with your booking.


If you are looking to book any hair color or hair treatment services, please give our front desk a call at 208-887-7955 to assist you with this!


For all other appointments, a 50% down payment is required to reserve your appointment. This is non refundable. We ask that you proceed with this in mind!


The amount paid will be added to your appointment the day of. If you no show or cancel the day of, this amount is forfeited & cannot be applied to future appointments at Rain.


*Note this reservation fee is not the total amount of your service



Cancellation Policy


Here at Rain Salon & Spa we understand our guests have busy lives, so our cancellation policy gives you flexibility when canceling appointments.


We ask you to notify us 24 hours in advance to change or cancel appointments, 72 hours for parties of 3 or more. This gives our technicians a change to rebook the appointment.


Guests that do not show up for scheduled appointments with no advanced notice ill result in the next appointment requiring a credit card to reserve their appointment and will be charged 50% of the "no show" appointment.


Thank your for understanding.




2022 © Rain Salon & Spa | ACCESSIBILITY | POLICIES



2022 © Rain Salon & Spa | ACCESSIBILITY | POLICIES